Re: Overland Models Tank Cars

Richard Hendrickson

On Aug 22, 2007, at 3:49 AM, Gatwood, Elden J SAD wrote:

Thanks, guys!

I bought mine at the Original Whistle Stop many moons ago (actually
for Brea Chemicals, which I figured I'd strip), and thought at the
time that
there must've been a prototype for a car made in brass. Argh.

Valve casing-equipped aside, the remainder of the car looks like a
lot of
other 8k insulated ACF cars. If I was brave....
The models were originally offered undecorated, and they didn't sell
very well. So OL painted and lettered a bunch of them, mostly with
bogus P/L schemes for which decals were readily available. As for the
models themselves, they were designed to get maximum variety out of
limited tooling - hence, among other things, an 8K gal. ICC-105 for
which there was no prototype.

Richard Hendrickson

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