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In the early '60s, I worked at the Heinz plant in Pittsburgh. We occasionally received wooden vinegar tank cars on our B&O siding. All of the cars I saw were of the type that AHM attempted to model as an HO ready-to-run car. I am not familiar with the Overland car and cannot comment on how close it is to the Heinz cars we received. I can say that the prototype cars were painted in a bright yellow on the tank and the car body was a brown color. The Heinz "57" logo was painted on the tank side in blue, lettering on the brown car body was white. The cars always seemed to be very clean and well maintained, in spite of their elderly appearance. At one time, Champ offered a decal set for Heinz cars and my recollection is that it could be used for these cars, although it was a generic set for several different Heinz cars. When I left Heinz in 1963 to return to school, the B&O was still delivering an occasional vinegar car.I never saw these cars enter the plant on the PRR side although I have seen them in the Pittsburgh area on the PRR.

Jim Kubanick,
Morgantown, WV

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Back in March, Bruce Griffin sent the message below concerning Heinz
vinegar cars. A search showed a lot of responses, but none covered
the painting and lettering.

Heinz had a vinegar plant in Winchester, Va. I have seen a photo with
the plant in the background and there were 3 or 4 wooden tank cars on
the siding. I have one of the Overland cars, but I have no clue how it
should be painted and lettered. Does anyone know what color it was and
if decals were ever produced which would be correct for this car?

With regard to today's thread on brass tank car models, anyone
interested in the subject should go back and read message number
29762. Tim O'Connor's list with Richard Hendrickson's notes and
comments is like reading an encyclopedia.

John King

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> Group,
> While watching a B&O video of movements in Ohio in the late 1950's I
> saw a Heinz vinegar car on a train. The car was moving west from
> Willard yard. It looked like something from the 1920's with its
> multi-banded horizontal tanks on a flat car frame. Is there a model
> for such a car? Was this an amonoly in the 1950's?
> Bruce D. Griffin
> Summerfield, NC

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