Re: A Unique Four Vat Tank Car

Jack Mullen

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On 06-May-59 GCLX 25 was still in service. This industry
was in the CB&Q Lumber District. Contents show as Cucumbers.

Move is an Intraterminal switch. Can't really think of
where on the IHB it could have been loaded unless Libby's
had excess inventory.

In the Jan.'62 ORER, there are at least 32 pickle tank cars still
listed, including GLCX 25, the lone car remaining for Glaser, Crandell
Co. Numbers of pickle tanks that I have been able to identify in
the '30s thru early 50s were in the 100-150 range.

Around 1960, Squire Dingee still had a few cars moving between
Wisconsin and its plant at Clybourn on the C&NW. I sometimes saw these,
and rarely saw them being unloaded, when I travelled downtown as a boy.

Jack Mullen

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