Re: 65 ft. gons


Larry -

Have you built one of Nickel Plate Models' WLE mill gons? I hope to
start the "O" scale kit soon. Back in the late 1960's, when Craig's
one-page article appeared in RMC, I built 3 cars to that plan out of
brass shimstock. The rivets I used were too large, so I sold them and
am going with the NKP Models car instead. What did you think of the
kit - side profile in particular?

A.T. Kott

--- In, Larry Kline <lndkline@...> wrote:

I just posted a drawing in the files section with some notes and
sketches added to Craig Bossler's cross section drawings. The notes
and sketches are intended to clarify what the interior side stakes
looked like on these cars. The file name is: _W&LE inside-out gon
xsect notes.jpg_

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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