Re: Trainman 70 ton Triple Hoppers

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As stated earlier, Bob Witt and I concur that the Atlas Trainman 9
panel 70 ton ribbed three bay hoppers are close to B&O class W-11

The B&O class W-11's were former C&EI welded cars, built in 1952,
bought by B&O in 1961. They seem to have acquired a lot of rivets
by then. Maybe the weldments fatigued due to the vigorous car shaker
at the C&EI river terminal at Joppa, Ill. Many B&O W-11's were
converted into wood chip cars with side extensions in 1963, class W-

These were considered for but never used in B&O Gold Striper unit
train service, begun in 1962.

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Thanks to all who responded to my question re. the
Atlas/Trainman 70
ton hoppers. I was
especially glad to learn that the B&O had a bunch(even if second-
hand) in
the 1960's. I have a few which will
look good behind my GP-30's.

Vince Altiere

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