Re: IM ATSF Caswell gons

Larry Rice

Regarding the SP&S Historical Society's chip car extension kits, Tim

A few years ago they did a woodchip conversion model based on the Red
Caboose GS gon. Technically, that car was much further off than this Caswell
gondola based on what Andy Carlson has reported. The SP&S gondolas were just
released by W&R and you can see the differences from the Red Caboose
GS gondola. (The GN had similar GS gondolas to the SP&S.)

Not quite correct. The society has produced several versions of side/end
extensions, and the kit (#200) meant to be combined with the Red Caboose GS
all steel car is intended to create SP&S 22400-22466. The real cars came
from D&RGW46000-46999. This series was a mixed lot, with the primary visual
difference being the end, as some were improved dreadnaught and others were
a four rib PSC end (Pressed Steel Car). Of those received by the SP&S, 32
had the improved dreadnaught end and it is these cars that the society's
kits replicated when affixed to the Red Caboose cars.

The two eBay links above are NOT the cars intended to be used with the
society's chip extension kits. The photos are of the SP&S 22000 series, of
which many were adapted for chip use and renumbered into 22900-22971.
Completely different cars and arrangements and never intended to be
represented with the society's kit #200.

And Richard, the IM Caswell/SP&S chip car offering is legitimate, with
significant research provided by none other than Ed Austin.

Larry Rice
Port Townsend WA

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