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Posted by: "Jack Burgess" > This subject seem to be at the end of the groups time period
About what year did Auto box cars leave auto service. > The change over from box cars to auto racks must be in the mid 50's. > Pictures show for a short time auto transports were hauled TOFC, > but by 1960 the auto rack was the way autos were transported.
I could fill in a lot of detail on that but will have to keep it brief because of the era problem. BTW, is 1960 within the cutoff date ? Highlights from my NYC experience.

Summer 1959 - railroads handling very few setup autos, most box cars no longer in that services. Market research project that summer on NE auto sales leads to auto carrier flexi-van, put in service IIRC early 1960.

I think it was '58 that SLSF had first multilevel.

Summer 1960. NYC fixed clearances to handle multilevels to Framingham and Little Ferry. ML summer job measuiring clearances between buffalo and Framingham..

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