Re: DS/SS split, April 1949; CNW, GN, CB&Q


Could it have been a concession to the on-line lumber industry? Armand Premo

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The number of DS cars in the GN freight car fleet contrasts sharply
with the trend, certainly apparent by 1949, to scrap or rebuild such
cars. Growing up in Minneapolis, I recall seeing an inordinate number
of GN DS cars. One wonders what special care the railway gave its DS
cars that other roads did not expend on their fleet of such cars.

The later built GN DS cars had full steel body framing, so in that
respect were not much different from the AAR war emergency boxcars.
The "special care" was a management decision to spend more money over
the long run to periodically re-sheath cars rather than spend more
money up front for steel sheathing.


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