Re: 65 ft. gons

Dean Payne

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Richard Hendrickson wrote:
The issue of side posts has already been dealt with; of course,
the cars had to have side posts, but in this instance they were
concealed between the inner and outer sheathing.

Richard meant that the side posts were concealed behind the outer
sheathing. There was no inner sheathing on the W&LE inside out gons.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

OK, this is how I thought it would have been, before I read (mis-
read?) the article.
Next question: Why would they do it like that (build the gon "inside-
out")? The Nickel Plate had similar-length gons, serving similar
locations, just a few years later, with the side posts in the
conventional outside location. I would guess they needed an extra
few inches inside clearance? These gons were built very narrow (I
would agree the issue was more likely CENTER overhang, rather than
the corner swing-out.)
Dean Payne

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