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James Fellows

I travel to Florida to vist family every Febuary. I have always packed a couple of kits plus all the needed tools; kinves, drills files and such and never had a problem with the stuff goin thorugh in my cheked baggage. I freind of mine actully leaves a little note for inspectors when he travles. They only think I do not pack is glue, and only due to my fear of it leaking ruining the stuff in my luggage.

Jim Fellows

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How have you fared in the battles with the TSA? In my early business
travels I always had a few kits and tools in my suitcase, but since
9/11 the TSA remains convinced that the only possible reason for a pair
of sharp pointed tweezers is to hijack an airplane!

For many years I gave up and just watched TV :-( I even tried packing
plastic tools - what a waste. On my last trip (to Altus OK) I was so
despondent of finding decent hobby shops or model RR Clubs, I checked
my bags outbound to avoid the hassle. Besides which I reasoned that
flying into Wichita Falls TX I would not have to wait long for my bags.

On the return I carried my bag aboard, since checking it would add 45
minutes to my travel time when I arrive in Boston (home). Of course
they singled out my bag for additional inspection after seeing all
sorts of weapons of mass construction on the metal detector. They
finally accepted the tweezers and screw driver, but made me throw away
the single edge razor blade. No less that three agents spent time
sniffing the Plastruct Glue before they decided it would not explode!


Andy Miller

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I thought I was the only one who toted kits and tools with me when I
traveled! I'd become so sick of traveling that I finally put together
traveling tool kit that allows me to work wherever I may roam.

Lawrence Rast

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