Was DS/SS - then GN DS


While there are others on this list who have toiled in the stacks
doing research far longer than I, may I comment on an earlier comment
in post 65933. I have not studied the shipping of lumber on the NP in
depth enough to comment on lumber traffic, so I'll pass there. There
was a reference made to the steel industry in Duluth - Superior. I
recall coming across a traffic study done by the NP just after the MILW
elected to start running their own trains over trackage rights granted
prior through the Northern Securities Decision. Many traffic groupings,
both northbound and southbound were studied, and I wish this report had
continued longer than it did. The years of the study were 1925-1926 and
the NP was acutely concerned about losing any traffic to the MILW
between the Twin Cities and Twin Ports. On the matter of the steel
shipments, the words in the final report read, "There is little chance
of greatly increasing any shipments here, as the steel companies feel
we get our fair share." "Our fair share," - apply that as you will.
James Dick - St. Paul.

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