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Thanks. Interesting.

For a one year period (either 1950 or part 1950, part 1951) B&O put
289 loads in and took 126 out. A B&O operating data book says they
were loading small arms ammunition at that time. That book does not
indicate the traffic on other lines. I drove back in the place a few
years ago and you could see abandoned buildings with the type of
assembly lines I've seen used to assemble artillery shells in old


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As you may know Bruce and John, some of these depots were planned
or in
operation right before we got directly involved in WWII, even
Pearl Harbor--supplying our European allies. I have a proposed
diagram of the Kingsbury, Indiana Ordnance Depot layout dated 1939
1940, I believe. The Wabash, B&O, NKP and maybe the GTW serviced
location. I say maybe, because a connection is shown but a Wabash
railroader I interviewed only recalls the GTW during construction
not when it was in full operation. The depot had their own motive
(center cab internal combustion locos) but once in a while, other
setting cars out or picking them up on a wye track, a Wabash local
might enter the Depot. My conductor friend recalls the ordnance the
Wabash picked up during this time period going east by way of
and Canada. (The Kingsbury Ordnance Depot was located on the Wabash
District between Montpelier, Ohio and Chicago.) I don't recall the
exact safety measure now but he told me that trains were required
have the ordnance cars x number of cars behind the loco or in front
the caboose. But this was not always possible with the local.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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