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Hello Bruce, Tony, and Group,

I've been watching this thread with great interest, since I was borne and raised in Hawthorne, Nevada.
The Naval Ammunition Depot, Hawthorne, Nev. (NADHAW) was built in 1928 and peaked during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. It was turned over to the Army in 1977 and to a contractor in 1980 but still under Army command.
There were maybe 20 to 30 gun barrels stored in the open right near the main highway. Some were older and some new with plugs in the ends. Years ago they shipped the last good 9 barrels to Bremerton, WA when, I believe, the Missouri was refitted, a few older ones still remain.
I remember they tried to ship the barrels by truck, everyone that new how heavy the tubes were got a good laugh when they set the first one on the trailer. Shortly after they brought in special flat cars and loaded the 9 barrels. For a couple of days it was quite a sight having the barrels lined up on flats and watching them slowly moving through the base and out on the mainline and on northward. I'm sure the bases official photographer must have taken photos of the process and there must be other photos somewhere.

Originally the narrow gauge Carson Colorado went through Hawthorne then the SP made it standard gauge and by passed Hawthorne but had a small yard at Thorne to service the connection with the Naval Depots Railroad. The SP spur came down off the Reno Salt Lake mainline at Hazen and went to Mina, Nevada, that's about 30 miles south east of Hawthorne. Sometime ago SP abandoned the line to Mina and the US Govt. now operates the spur. There still remains basically untouched roadbed of the C&C that goes right through the present Army Depot at Hawthorne.

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On Aug 28, 2007, at 1:04 AM, Anthony Thompson wrote:

> Bruce Smith wrote:
>> Finally, there was also a depot for these guns in Hawthorne Nevada.
> Yes, the Naval Ammunition Depot, as it was called at that
> time.
> This was accessed from the SP's Mina Branch. Bruce, do you have any
> idea how extensively Hawthorne was used for naval gun tubes?


Alas, not a clue. I'm not even sure that Hawthorne was used during
WWII, however I think it was as an ATSF routing for guns makes no
sense if they are going to Pocatello or Bremerton <G>. I do know
that several listers here pointed out that Hawthorne was the last
storage depot for the battleship guns. I believe that when they were
recommissioned, Hawthorne was the source of new gun tubes and that a
number of guns were cut up on site within about the last 30 years or so.


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