Re: DS cars in grain service

Dennis Storzek

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Were double sheathed cars regularly used in grain service? It seems to
me that grain would infiltrate between the inner and outer sheathing
and attract vermin. Better to use a single sheathed car and let the
escaped grain fall to the ground to feed the local fauna.


Andy Miller
I thought we put this vermin thing to rest a couple of weeks ago, but
maybe it wasn't on this list. Vermin were not a problem for grain
before it was milled; they simply sifted the little critters out.

Anyway, if you think about it, ALL the AAR design steel boxcars were
double sheathed, since the steel sheathing was on the outside of the
posts, and the wood lining was applied to their inside faces.

And, as Richard was kind enough to point out, double sheathed cars
were originally favored for grain. One of the original arguments
against single sheathed construction was that the combined
sheathing/lining, because it was exposed to the weather, would shrink
with time and leak grain. The entire thrust of the Foweler Patents (we
won't go into that again:-) was a device to tighten the sheathing if
this should occur. Fortunately (or unfortunately, in the case of Mr.
Fowler's royalty payments) the device was directed at a problem that
proved not to exist, and fell out of favor after a couple of years.
After that, either style car was considered suitable for grain, so
long as it didn't leek water and could be made tight so it didn't leak


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