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Thanks Larry.I'll check with John to see what he has.Regards,Armand premo

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Larry,Do these figures include the war emergency SS box cars? Is
there a source that gives the total number of war emergency cars
built ?Armand Premo

Hi Armand

I don't know if you are asking me or Larry Kline these questions. I
have War Emergency SS box cars flagged in my 1949 and 1950 digital
ORERs, but only incidentally (i.e., I have not made a systematic
effort to find them, but noted them as WE if that is what the source

In April 1949 there were 2,913 of them and in July 1950 there were

Most of my information on these cars came from the NEB&W web site and
was compiled by John Nehrich.

Best wishes,
Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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