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Quess this is just another reason for consulting an ORER.Armand Premo

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How very true. The first hurdle in this process is at the
point where a Clerk or Operator does a physical check of
the cars in a train. Many were unable to even make good
associations as to car type.

Was transcribing an old list yesterday. Saw a D&RGW GS
gon shown as a "Stock Car". Also saw a FHIX RS car shown
as a "CB&Q Box Car".

These problems sort themselves out. When the Conductor
on a branch line local looks at his "Grain Empty" storage
track he will weed them out and send cars he doesn't want
back to the nearest terminal. Even at that point all he
was looking at was size and door type.


In all my times of association with the car distribution
process, I don't recallever seeing an order that said
anything about type of sheathing. That was notpart of
the readily available information about a car. If it's
40 ft. box withno leaks in the roof, sides or floor, no
visible contamination (e.g.grease,oil)and it has six
foot doors, it's a grain car.
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