Re: What is a "granger railroad"?

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If you review a lot of the literature I believe you will find that the term “granger” roads was applied to railroads that had most of their trackage in that area of IL, MO, KA, NE, IA, WI, MN, SD, ND. I would not say that a railroad that had most of its trackage elsewhere was a granger road.

By the those criteria, here’s how they fall.

Definte granger roads. CB&Q, CMO, CNW, MILW, RI, SOO, CGW, M&StL, GM&O (C&A)

Marginal granger KO&G, M-K-T, MV, TP&W, IC, SLSF

Not granger roads. ATSF, FW&D, GN, KCS, MP, NP, T&P, UP, C&S, GM&O (GM&N)

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