Re: Detail part wish list?

Tim O'Connor

Dean Payne wrote

I've been wondering about a detail part wish list.
A cast brass replacement air hose + bracket to replace
the beautiful, but incredibly delicate one, Branchline
included with their box cars. Applies to many other
freight cars too.

Pre-bent wire, with styrene or brass pipe hangers, to
replace the handrails on Proto 2000 and Intermountain
ACF tank cars. Getting the radius and shape correct on
the ends is not at all easy!

Big one -- a replacement frame for the Atlas 11k tank
car with open grid running boards, with a rolled edge
for stiffness. This is now possible with etched parts.
See this Athearn example on a modern intermodal car -

Smaller -- a replacement etched safety platform for the
Atlas 11k tank car (open grid).

Replacement etched ladders for P2K, IRC, Atlas tank cars.

(I have observed the lifespan of a fully intact plastic
tank car on a club layout is quite short due to fragility
of many of the plastic detail parts. And the handrails on
most of the cars sag, unless great care is taken when
building them.)

50 ton 'Chrysler' freight car trucks!! (The ones with the
shock absorber.)

Tim O'Connor

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