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How about the "Y"-shaped safety valve cluster used on early AC&F tank cars? F&C's new tank car includes a spare or two, but this would be a nice part to have in styrene or metal available on the general market.

I would love to see a variety of tender-type caboose steps, particularly the type used on so-called "Gould Standard" (my term, not official) cars of the D&RG, WP and MP. As a matter of fact, it would be nice to have a decent kit for these cabooses. Model Railroading Warehouse has been promising one for years, but so far nada.

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Garth G. Groff

Dean Payne wrote:

I've been wondering about a detail part wish list. Tops on my list
would be a lever-ratchet hang brake, a Universal or some other,
different from what comes on the Tichy sprue. (I found that I threw
out some when I built my Accurail USRA hoppers years ago!) I'm happy
to have the Tahoe Model Works trucks (Dalman and arch bar), and I
wonder what they'll do next. Does anybody make T-section Andrews trucks?
I was looking for side-mount double sill steps, but I think Des
Plaines Hobbies makes them. (Not that they're widely available...)
Ray Breyer and I were discussing the need for reverse Murphy ends for
NKP, C&O, etc... (although that's a pretty big "detail".) I'm sure there's plenty that I left out, but I'm asking for opinions,
not trying to present an exhaustive list.
I'm just curious about what people feel is lacking. Plus, maybe I
could distract you guys from discussing naval guns any further... ;-)

Dean Payne

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