Re: What is a "granger railroad"?

William Bryk <wmbryk@...>

I think part of our thinking was molded by the mid-20th century experience:
railroads like C&NW and Milwaukee with huge networks of branch lines over
the Northern Plains States - look at the old maps and the lines look like
capillaries in the human body - with light rail, used heavily only at
harvest time. And usually in and out of receivership.

I would add to the list of granger railroads the wonderfully ambitious
Midland Continental, which never quite reached either Winnipeg or the Gulf
of Mexico, but certainly served North Dakota. Once you begin thinking about
marginal short lines that never quite made it to 1950, the list grows

William Bryk

On 8/30/07, Allen Rueter <allen_282@...> wrote:

I would think you would then have to include the Wabash, since it was in
the law suit ...


Allen Rueter
StLouis MO


Mr. Ostresh,

.... In 1886, in a case referred to as "the Wabash case", the Court

weakened this power by the states to regulate interstate commerce, which
eventually led

to the formation of the Interstate Commerce Commission.



Robert D. Heninger

Stanley, ND

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