Gun Barrels - Paint question


How about a 16" navel gun for my Milw. flats.
Bill Vaughn

Everyone seems to be enjoying this thread --- and if Mike (our moderator) will
indulge another question --- the gun flats were not only used to transport the
tubes from the WNY to the point of installation, but also to return the barrels
after their 300 shots required refurbishment.

So, let's say we had a tube going back east, and it had been on a ship carrying
a Measure 22 camo scheme, and we're going to model that.

The top of the?barrel would be the same dark blue as the "Deck Blue", and the
bottom of the barrel would be the appropriate intermediate/haze gray blue.
(I don't have my FS numbers in front of me.)

My question; The barrels pass through a boot upon entering the turret ---
at what point "up the barrel" from the breech would the camo paint start?

In the turret, I would imagine, from B&W photos I've seen, that the breech
end of the barrel would have been painted an interior gray, or maybe even
monkey vomit green, or not painted at all?

So, at some point the interior paint would end and the camo paint would start.

If we're going to model this load "returning", we'd need to know this.

I have the information to do the load bolsters and other tie down parts for the
PRR Gun Flats (Thanks to Bruce Smith), now what about the same info
for the MILW flats??

I just thought I'd breech this subject ------


PS Back to Bill's request - Ask and it shall be delivered --- in a couple of weeks.
????To see the PRR Load Bolsters, go here:?

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