16" gun load was Re: Detail part wish list?

Bruce Smith

At 8/31/2007 01:03 AM Friday, Bill Vaughn wrote:
How about a 16" navel gun for my Milw. flats.
On Aug 31, 2007, at 12:52 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Yes, that would be a good one. But I'd want it to
be made from aluminum stock, turned on a lathe.
See my model using this barrel in TKM (#32, March, 2006, available on CD) as I posted right here, just two days ago <G>! This is an HO scale 16" 50 caliber Mark 7 naval gun (Iowa class battleship) and is available from Earl Meyers (emyers5@...). Earl's model is cast resin with an aluminum stiffener. My article details how to load this gun on the PRR F22, but the lading would be similar for the MILW flats.

In addition, John Hitzeman (AMB) is working on a lasercut kit for the bolsters for this load for the F22 those of you who don't want to scratch build these (the ones that come with the Crown Custom Imports brass flats are incorrect). The bolsters on the Milwaukee Road cars are different so they still require scratch building.

BTW, Bill, did you use the Roundhouse cars for your MILW flats? Amazingly, I discovered at Naperville that newer versions of this kit have had rivets added, making it less prototypically correct.

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