Re: Detail part wish list?

Ray Breyer

Dean Payne <1payne1@...> wrote:
>>I've been wondering about a detail part wish list.

Boxcar ends! Tichy makes a few, as does Westerfield, but they're both woefully lacking in the basics. We need 7/7 Murphy, 7/6 Murphy, inward rib Murphy of all types, inward Hutchins, Vertical rib Vulcan, various makes of T-brace and composite ends...the list is vast!

For anyone modeling the 1920s through 1940s, having a good supply of "oddball" ends is a must. Scratching and bashing DS and SS boxcar sides, underframes and roofs isn't all that big a deal, but scratching a 7/7 inward rib Murphy end is beyond most of us on this list. Having a good supply of ends (that we don't have to cannibalize perfectly good resin kits for) will open up a large number of modeling opportunities (as you know Dean, the lack of Vulcan ends is the only thing holding me back from working on the Wheeling's 27000-series boxcars!)

Ray Breyer

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