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Bruce Smith

John says:

So, let's say we had a tube going back east, and it had been on a ship carrying
a Measure 22 camo scheme, and we're going to model that.
A quick check of the navy Battleship camouflage database shows some interesting possibilities
Since we're talking about 16" 50 cal Mark 7s, then we can focus on the Iowa class (Note that I am using a 1/96th scale Mark 7 to stand in for a 14" 45 cal gun from the Pennsylvania as well)

1943 1944 1945
61 Iowa MS 22 MS 32a/1b MS 22
62 New Jersey MS 21 MS 21 MS 22
63 Missouri MS 32/22d MS 22
64 Wisconsin MS 22 MS 22

In order to decide what barrels come from where, painted in what camo measure, it is necessary to know where these ships are <G>
Iowa - Atlantic fleet 1942-43, Pacific fleet 1944-1949(mothballed)
New Jersey - Atlantic fleet 1943, Pacific fleet 1944-46, Atlantic Fleet 1947
Missouri - Atlantic fleet 1944, Pacific fleet 1945-1955(mothballed)
Wisconsin - Atlantic fleet April-September 1944, Pacific fleet September 1944-1945, Atlantic fleet 1946-1948(mothballed).

The top of the barrel would be the same dark blue as the "Deck Blue", and the
bottom of the barrel would be the appropriate intermediate/haze gray blue.
(I don't have my FS numbers in front of me.)
Deck blue was 20-B and haze grey was 5-H.

Measure 21 was all navy blue (5-N) and Measure 32 was a pattern of light grey (5-O), ocean grey (5-L) and black.

My question; The barrels pass through a boot upon entering the turret ---
at what point "up the barrel" from the breech would the camo paint start?
Look at:
The boots are secured to the 4th segment but seem to come to midway on the 3rd segment from the muzzle. Looks like I'm going to need to repaint the breech end of my Measure 21 barrels!

In the turret, I would imagine, from B&W photos I've seen, that the breech
end of the barrel would have been painted an interior gray, or maybe even
monkey vomit green, or not painted at all?
Check out these photos
A new barrel - Green and Yellow???? I think this is in part due to grease... but this isn't the weathered black I painted mine <G>.
New barrels, rust and black. Notice where the turret is on these.

The breach mechanism was probably painted interior grey, but that would be left behind when the barrel was pulled. I'm guessing that it was either raw metal, rust or primer. If the last, it would be severely weathered by heat of firing.

I just thought I'd breech this subject ------


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