DS cars and USRA

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The CB&Q was allocated 500 DS box cars in 1918 although it had completely moved away from DS when it built its first SS box and automobile cars in 1913. The AC&F- built DS cars, numbered 120500-120999 and classed as XM-24, were the last DS ones acquired by the Q (other than the XM-27 DS cars in 1926 which were rebuilds of XM-15 with steel centre sills and ends, which in turn had been rebuilds in 1922 of XA-4 automobile cars originally built in 1910)

The allocation of DS cars at this time suggests that the USRA was out of touch with the individual roads preferences, at least in the case of the Burlington. (If I remember correctly, though, the CB&Q President - Charles Perkins - also had a senior role in the USRA.) It is surprising that the Car Committee (presumably railroad engineering experts) could come up with the designs but the allocation was so apparently flawed.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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