Re: Gun Barrels - Paint question

lnnrr <lnnrr@...>

I've have worked at a Naval Ordnance Station, although not on any
thing quite as impressive as the 16 inchers. A lot of the stuff we
shipped and recieved was protected by either a yellowish chromate
primer paint or by a black stuff sort of like a thinner, brushable
version of cosmoline. It was shiny black when fresh but after long
weathering became fully flat gray/black.
In the referanced photo k00515, the date is 1942 and those barrels had
not been in long term storage. Likely still warm when sent to the
My guess for such barrels in any year after 1946 would be black.
Flat black going to a shipyard from a depot, shiny black from the yard
back to a depot. And plugged both ends both ways.
Chuck Peck

Check out these photos
A new barrel - Green and Yellow???? I think this is in part due to
grease... but this isn't the weathered black I painted mine <G>.
New barrels, rust and black. Notice where the turret is on these.

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