Re: Westerfield Santa Fe Caswell Stockcars

Richard Hendrickson

On Aug 31, 2007, at 6:52 PM, Bob Chaparro wrote:

Westerfield has announced the limited run release of Santa Fe Class SK
L/N/P Caswell stockcars. The prototypes were stockcars with the
Caswell dump mechanisms built into the floor. I understand these cars
were used to haul such non-livestock loads a sand and coke.

Were there other commodities commonly shipped in these cars?
Yes. In fact, I just recently received a fine photo ca. 1910, courtesy
of Gary Rauch, of one of these cars being loaded with sugar beets in
Colorado, and apparently sugar beet loading was fairly common. The
cars couldn't haul sand, however, for obvious reasons. But the Santa
Fe intended them to be used for westbound coke traffic, and they were
widely used for that purpose through the 1920s, until the use of coke
as an industrial fuel declined in the western US.

Richard Hendrickson

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