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AB brakes began showing up in interchange service as experimental
at the end of 1932 and were required on all new cars built after
September 1, 1933. Thus, it's not very likely that any USRA-style
twin hoppers were built new with AB brakes.

As far as detailing the USRA, one of the big differences is that
the train line runs down the side of the car below the side sill
rather than through the center sill as on the USRA-to-SSC conversion
I did for the article.

In my book that's coming out this fall, there are plans and several
pictures of the USRA twin hopper that show these details. If you
want to look at one up close and personal, there's a USRA twin hopper
on display at Steamtown.

Thanks for the info on the train line.
The trouble with the USRA car at Steamtown is that it has probably
been upgraded to AB brakes, etc. I would like to model well-used,
but "unimproved" versions as they would have ran in the late 30's.
I'm sure many others on this list don't need near as many K brakes,
truss rods, and arch bar, T-section, and Andrews trucks as I do. I
also seem to need a fair number of National B-1 trucks... due to my
choice of roads. I enjoy that my roster should have a
different "look" than others who model post-WWII.

Dean Payne

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