Re: Is what we're doing REAL history??


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Actually, I find White's work sterile. He mines the literature but
little else. It's like reading a condensation of Railway Age. - Al
Westerfield "REAL HISTORY" is more than just trolling up a few facts and
lining them up in chronological order. It involves some kind of
synthesis or inference that puts facts in a bigger perspective, and
offers up heuristic value that helps us find and assemble further
facts into a coherent picture. Hence, Jack and Dennis are right to
distinguish their speculation from fact, but ought to feel no need to
apologize for it, as it is what they are bringing to the process that
turns mere facts into knowledge.

I may be taking this near out of bounds, but this is the first RR list
I've been on where epistemology has actually come up for discussion.
Like we'd ever see this on the Diesels List ;-)

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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