Charles Hladik

I think that I can understand why Martin and others "don't do computers".
They bite into their limited time more than a phone call does. Having to answer
the e-mail might add an hour or two to their day. Hey, these guys have
families too. True, a web site saves the cost of a printed catalog and mistakes
can be changed easily and quickly, but some of us "listers" bug the crap out
of manufacturers with little nit picky stuff that if we were really as
proficient as we think we are, might be answered by looking closer at the web page.
It also seems that a lot of the e-mails want attention immediately, gee, try
the phone, one doesn't sit at the computer just to see your e-mail.
A web site also seems, to many, to be a cheap way to contact someone. I
know that in the hobby shop that I have worked in, we would only get one or
two snail mails a month, where as we got tons of phone calls and e-mails. These
all took us away from the folks that would actually come to the shop.
There are many pro's and con's to looking for a freight car (required)
on a computer. If they don't want to use one just be happy that they are
fulfilling some of our kit needs.
Chuck Hladik

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