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Richard Hendrickson

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Hi Folks

Does anyone know whether the following NKP series of box and auto
cars were double sheathed vs. single sheathed? Some remnants were in
the April 1949 ORER, but all were absent from the July 1950 ORER.
Most series were nearly full in the January 1945 ORER, however. If
you also happen to have build or rebuild dates, I would appreciate
knowing that as well.

Series, Class, Type, Frame, IL, IH, door, CAPY, Qty 1945, Qty 1949

NKP 9000-9467, XM, Box, SU, 40'6", 9'11, 6'0", 80000 lbs, 466, 13

NKP 11000-11299, XM, Box, SU, 40'6", 8'8", 6'0", 80000 lbs, 204, 5

NKP 12000-12999, XM, Box, SU, 40'6", 10'0", 6'0", 80000 lbs, 987, 31

NKP 21000-21299, XM, Box, SU, 40'6", 8'8", 6'0", 80000 lbs, 198, 7

NKP 23000-23044, XM, Box, SU, 40'6", 10'0", 10'0", 80000 lbs, 45, 2
(in the 1945 ORER, this was listed as class XA, Auto)
NKP 9000-9467 and 12000-12999 were originally 19000-19999 and
20000-20999 series cars built in 1923 and 1924. Both series were
double wood sheathed with 10' wide 1-1/2 wood doors; the 1923 cars had
inverse 4-panel Hutchins ends, the 1924 cars had 5-5-6 inverse
corrugated ends. In the early 1930s, delivery of steel auto cars
rendered these cars obsolete as auto cars so they had their auxiliary
doors either secured shot or removed entirely, making them single door
cars. They were then renumbered into the 12000-12999 series until that
series was full, after which the remaining cars were renumbered
9000-9467. Photos of cars in both series will be in the forthcoming
Focus on Freight Cars Vol. 2.  NKP 11000-11299 and 21000-21299 were
originally double wood sheathed auto cars in the 18000-18799 series
built ca. 1917 with 7-7 inverse corrugated ends, 10' wide 1-1/2 wood
doors, and Bettendorf T-section trucks. In the late 1920s 300 of these
cars were converted to double door cars with 12' wide openings and
corrugated steel doors and renumbered 21000-21299. Within a short
time, however, the NKP began securing the auxiliary doors shut and
making them single door cars. The remaining cars in the series were
then converted to single door cars with their auxiliary doors removed
and the openings sheathed over and corrugated steel main doors applied,
and those cars were renumbered 11000-11299. I have no information on
the 23000-23044 series, but I'm sure they were also double sheathed
cars because the NKP did not acquire any single sheathed box or auto
cars in the 1920s, but went straight from double sheathed wood to all
steel construction; their only single sheathed box cars were the
8000-8199 series AAR "war emergency" box cars they received in 1944.

Richard Hendrickson

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