Re: Computers

Tim O'Connor


I guess that Martin also "has a life" as we like to say,
that has nothing to do with trains. More power to him.

That said, has Martin ever expressed any problem with someone
scanning his kit flyers and data sheets and just posting them
on a JPEG web site? Technically one would need his permission
to do so. I'll ask him at Naperville, if I can get his attention
for a whole minute... :-)

Tim O'Connor

Martin "does computers", he just refuses to "do the internet" or "do
email". For exactly the reasons Chuck states. He is also very careful
to whom he gives his telephone number. He has more labor-intensive
business than he can handle as it is, and is certainly not looking for
ways to attract more. It's a fairly defensive posture, irritating to
many. Martin is very aware of that but feels he just can't make himself
more available without giving up research or production time. It's his
business, being run in a way that works best for him. He has a right to
do that.

Tom Madden

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