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The Naperville attendance is close to 400 attendees. As I have not been to Coco Beach, I cannot say.

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That's comparable to the annual all-armor modeling show I attend (AMPS 2007, Havre de Grace MD: 130 contestants, 350 walk-ins, 34 vendors with 80 tables). I've mentioned before the differences between armor and freight car modeling in the available products and references (definitely more armor items), and one view was that there were fewer freight car hobbyists than armor modelers. Also, given that the freight car "convention" attracts people willing to pay $90 to $95 just to walk in the door (gadzooks!) while the armor people sometimes balk at $25, I suspect the price threshold for products would be higher too.

My point being, for two modeling hobbies that are known for their rivet counters, I'm surprised that there aren't more things like low-pressure/limited run styrene kits, resin models, resin conversion sets and resin and photo-etch detail sets available for freight cars.


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