Seaboard 1932 ARA box cars

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I've now had a chance to compare the information discussed here last week with the drawings Ben Hom referred to - these were printed in the November 1992 MM (and copied to me off list by another list member). of course, what I'm about to write goes on the assumption the drawings are correct.

These are drawn showing the correct 31'-2 3/4" between the trucks and 5'6" from king pin to strikers. The overall length (striker to striker) is shown as 42'-3 3/4". For the width, the measurement from centre line to outer edge of the sheathing on the bolster is 4'-8 3/8", so the width of the car at the sills is about 9'-4 3/4". Divided by 87.08571908, it makes an HO model about 1.295" wide.

So how does the Red Caboose X29 measure up in comparison (as a potential donor of parts)? It is about 1.299" wide, which seems pretty close to me. Given its length of 5.680" long, (i.e., about 41'-2 1/2" in HO) and given the length of the Seaboard ARA 1932 boxcar, 41' 2 1/2", it seems that a Red Caboose X29 roof would make a good donor roof for a kitbash model of the Seaboard car; the end a good starting point for a splice job (correct rivet pattern/wrong location for the seam between upper and lower panels); and the sides the only remaining challenge. By the way, according to the Hundman drawings, the Seaboard roofs are the same number of panels and same rivet pattern as the PRRX29 Red Caboose models. In that regard, they are either inaccurate, or Ted's use of the word "reminiscent" is analogous to "alike".

FWIW given the obvious choice of using a Sunshine model already on the market and modifying the sill tabs and underframe (if necessary - given the back and forth over dimensions, I confess I'm still not sure about that ......)

Rob Kirkham

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Rob Kirkham wrote:
[From Ted Culotta's 1932 ARA boxcar book:]
"'However the truck centres were spaced at a distance of 31' - 2 3/4",
approximately six inches greater than the 30'-8 1/2" between truck
centres on the majority of the 1932 ARA cars.'
And at p.197, speaking of the next series of 1932 ARA design cars:
'Like the first 1000 cars, this group used truck centres spaced at a
distance of 31' - 2 3/4".'"

Al Brown replied:
"If the truck centers were 6" farther apart than normal, that indeed
suggests the kingpins were 3" closer to the car end. I stand by what
I said, though, about the appearance. Check out the side-on photos on
pp 200 (both), 203 (top), 204 (top). The wheels are visibly offset in
from the car end."

Rob, thanks for confirming the different spacing used on the SAL 1932
ARA boxcars. You will need to relocate the side sill tabs with the
bolsters. That's an easy enough fix - just fabricate the new tabs
from strip styrene and detail them with two Grandt Line or Tichy

This does bring up another thing to verify - we need to check to see
if the Hundman drawings have the correct bolster locations.

Ben Hom

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