For those interested in pre-1940 freight car prototypes straight from
the manufacturer, Bob Webber and I (Bob is the historian at the IRM
Pullman Library) expect to attend the Naperville Meet. We are getting
more inquiries on Pullman (1920 - 1940), Haskell & Barker (1910 -
1925) and Standard Steel Car (1903 - 1940). Note there is significant
difficulty accessing the collection, which is about 30% complete so
there is a finite chance of finding something. The Library is an
archive closed to the public with no openings for supervised visits
immediately before the show but there might be a slot Sunday after
the show. Visits are by invitation only, therefore we need to be
contacted in advance to explain the conditions and availability of
our time. The Pullman Library is on the way to Rockford about 1 to 1
1/2 hours from Naperville. And of course written inquiries are always
welcome, but lately there has been a delay in answering due to the
Sincerely, Ted Anderson, curator
Pullman Library
Illinois Railway Museum
P. O. Box 427
Union, IL 60180

--- In STMFC@..., "joel norman" <mec-bml@...> wrote:

What method are we going to use to ID each other (for those going
Naperville this year)as STMFC members???I wear NewEngland railroad(
BM Rutland ) T shirts...
See ya all in Naperville
Joel Norman Eastern Maine Railroad ''were its always
spring/summer '52"

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