C.D.L.X. tank car 1051.A few more facts.

Dan Gledhill

Hello Richard,
In your last reply to my message,you mentioned that you'd be interested in any more printed details that could be found on this car providing more clues to it's former sub lessee.I did not believe then that much more of the painted lettering on the tank was ledgeable ,but after viewing it at differant angles and also under evening sunlight conditions, was able to make out several more actual words.There was quite a lot of information stencilled on either end of the tank,possibly by the builder ,as it is mainly data regarding the cars equipment. Much of what I was able to see was incomplete ,and may not make total sense ,but perhaps others on this list could fill in the blanks from known sources.
Found on the end above the hand railing and in about 4 to 6 inch printing centered left to right '' CAPY 10,000 GALS.'' below the handrailing in smaller stencilling approx. three inch printing ,first statement" KEYED YOKE ATTANIN "and unable to decipher last part or words.Second statement "CARDWELL DRAFT GEAR'' .Third statement "A.R.A.# 2 BRAKE".Final statement "DOME CAPY 3 " and unable to decipher what came after the 3.This data collectively was located on the opposite end to that where the handbrake wheel is located.Data on that end is very unreadable .
There is also more information that can be learned from the trucks.Beginning with the tops of the journal boxes and cast in raised letters are the specs."5 1/2 by 10 MCB". With respect to the wheelsets ,the end axle on that truck opposite to the handwheel end has the following cast upon the back of the wheel."AAR. 1948 DOMINION WHEEL ST. BONIFACE "while the other three axles on the car have the following cast upon their reverse sides "GRIFFIN TACOMA ARA 1928 "
Finally ,I went back and took a closer look at the name located above the handrailing along the cars side.This as described before was the approx.10 to 12 inch high logo in dark Roman style print that ended with the words OIL COMPANY,located to the right of the dome.This printed logo I thought must have been centered on the cars side so I searched for traces of the beginning letters, at the same distance but from the cars other end as the final letter in"COMPANY"and was able to just barely make out " SUN."I hate to speculate what this could spell but upon searching through past messages to this site came upon #50644 Which tank cars? that lists several Portland Oil Companies,one of which was the "SUNSET OIL COMPANY".This is something of a longshot but also could be a lead.Do you have any information on this company ,or if they leased through CDLX ?
Any feedback or information that could tie this altogether would be gratefully appreciated.
Dan Gledhill
Maintenance Engineer
Alberni Pacific Railway

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