Red Caboose lettering removal question

James Mischke <jmischke@...>

Some B&O boxcar lettering variations are so similar in font and
placement, one can modify factory lettering and get a different
look. Saves on decals. Spares the paint matching.

In olden days, you could get Athearn boxcar lettering off with
isopropyl alcohol and gentle rubbing of a blunt toothpick,
leaving the base paint unscathed.

I asked Red Caboose how they get their lettering off and they
don't know. Does not come up in their world. The Chinese
vendors also do things differently batch to batch. In any
case, they don't say much about what they do. (Hence Mattel's
lead toy paint problems.)

So my question is .... does anyone have any experience getting
white Red Caboose boxcar lettering off?

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