Re: DS/SS split, April 1949: DL&W, RDG, T&NO

Ray Breyer

Hi Larry,

It's probably a typo, which the ORERs are chock full of. I checked my 1952 DL&W diagram book, and although the page for the 6000-6699 series cars is long gone, the index still shows the cars. They're class VS ice refrigerator cars built between 1908 and 1913. If that's the case, then the cars should match the 5900 series ice cars from the DL&W, which I do have a photo of. With no roof hatches, they're really insluated boxcars.


Ray Breyer

laramielarry <ostresh@...> wrote:
Hi Gene

I checked the January 1945 ORER and found the reefers you are talking
about. The dimensions are identical to the two VS ice service cars
that I mentioned in my original post. In the 1945 ORER they are
listed in the "Refrigerator Cars" section, class RB, series 6000-
6699, 33 cars with CAPY = 50000 lbs., 13 with capacity = 60000 lbs.
However, in the April 1949 ORER they are listed in the "Freight
Equipment" section, class VS, and are summarized in "Recapitulation
of Car Equipment" as "Class V - Ventilator Car Type". (Class VS
is "Fruit-Vegetable Insulated Ventilator ... not equipped for

I wonder if the ORER is in error, or if somehow the two reefers
were "decomissioned" into ventilator cars? The cars have road
numbers 6075 and 6391. The former has a nominal capacity of 60000
lbs while the latter is 50000 lbs.

Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

The DL&W cars that were in ice service were actually reefers that
were painted freight car red.

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