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It's probably a typo, which the ORERs are chock full of. I checked my 1952
DL&W diagram book, and although the page for the 6000-6699 series cars is long
gone, the index still shows the cars. They're class VS ice refrigerator cars
built between 1908 and 1913. If that's the case, then the cars should match
the 5900 series ice cars from the DL&W, which I do have a photo of. With no
roof hatches, they're really insluated boxcars.


The downgrading of reefers on the DL&W resulted in many of the revenue cars
in ice service through attrition. Hatches weren't needed to haul ice, and
many cars were built new to haul ice. You're right in that they're actually
insulated boxcars, but DL&W called them ice reefers or just reefers. It's fun
to ponder how much steam era non-revenue traffic was required to support the
revenue traffic. Out here it was steam coal, stone (ballast), ice, and on
some desert routes, train-loads of water.

What Gene said is true, that DL&W never owned a single-sheathed boxcar. It
did have batches of DS cars in the wood-underframe-era with indestructible
ends, technically single sheathed. And the stock cars were single-sheathed, of
course, though many of those had the slats filled in about halfway up the
sides during and just after WWII for the LCL delivery of loose coal.

Mike Del Vecchio

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