Re: Pleasanton and WinterRail?

Shawn Beckert


Winterail will be at Stockton, CA at the Scottish Rite Temple on
Alpine St. I think tickets for the show are sold out, but you can
still get into the swap meet. My question is, where is Pleasanton
in relation to Stockton, and what's the easiest way to get there?

Shawn Beckert

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The past couple of years Martin Lofton has set up shop at WinterRail on the
Saturday preceding his Pleasanton meet. Is that happening this year? Martin
hasn't sent me any info since last fall (hey, I'm just a speaker), and I
can't find any mention of WinterRail in my hobby magazines. If it is, where
the heck is WinterRail? I need to get my accommodations nailed down.


Tom Madden


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