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Correct me if I am wrong (And I am sure you will),but didn't Des Plaines Hobbies release a RC CGW X29 type box car with a different door?Bethlehem Car Works in conjunction with Rutland Car Shops released a RC B&M box car with a Creco door.Armand Premo

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Jim Mischke wrote:
"So it is a Pullman design, not a Creco.
Did anyone else besides CGW avail themselves of this door?"

Clark Propst replied:
"I'm pulling this out of my rear, but I think Red Caboose did one
other road, very small road..."

That's probably the High Point, Thomasville & Denton cars, which
were a tall version of the 1923 ARA boxcar (NOT the later 1932 ARA

The doors on these cars were NOT identical to neither the CGW
Pullman carbuiders' doors nor those used on the B&M/MTC 1923 ARA

"...and there was another 1932 car with those doors...Mexican?"

NdeM. See Ed Hawkins' 1932 ARA boxcar summary and Ted Culotta's
book for more information:

I'm in complete agreement with Ted regarding these doors - the
misunderstanding regarding these doors is is another piece of
modeler's folklore that needs to be ruthlessly stamped out.

Ben Hom

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