Re: PRR G26 from Eastern Car Works

Greg Martin

Rob you wrote:

Hi - my efforts to model Vancouver in the mid 40's have me learning more
about the PRR all the time. Now its about the PRR G26 and G26a gondolas -
nothing like any CPR car I have studied, and something that will make a nice
contrast! But I have little in the way of PRR resources, so....

I had a look at Robert Schoenberg's PRR Frreight Car Page - very helpful for
getting started, and noticed the reference to an article by Tom Gloger on
how to model these from the Eastern Car Works kit. Unfortuneately, the link
is broken. I wonder if anyone on this list might have downloaded the web
page and could send a copy or post it to the list files? I've looked
through the Eastern Car Works kit this evening, and even if I assumed the
basics were sound it still looks like a lot of finnishing work will be
required to remove the knock out marks on the side and floor castings.
replace coarse steps, etc.

Similarities to the Athearn 65' mill gon are enticing, but I see the ribs
extend further down the sides on that car.

Rob Kirkham
There has been several good resources articles for this kit and one that
comes to mind was Kris Kollar's article in Mainline Modeler. The major issue
with the kit seems to be the bolster or the lack thereof. There are many fixes
for it but one I am planning on using is to replace it with a bolster from
sacrificed kit, in my case likely an Athearn or a Train Miniature. I believe it
was done as well in TKM some time back. If you have any specific questions
like do I have cyc palns for the car contact me offline.

Greg Martin

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