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Hi guys: I`m doing some printing for Naperville and I could use some info if
anyone has it. Where is Croxton on the NY O & W, and does anyone know a
location on the MA & PA where there was an abondon turntable? Any help will be
greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing you guys in october.
Keith Sirman


Croxton wasn't on the NYO&W, it was the Erie Railroad's east-end freight
classification yard in the Jersey Meadows. Erie's Pavonia passenger station and
Jersey City freight yards were along the Hudson River opposite Manhattan.
Bergen Hill is a solid rock barrier separating the Hudson River from the Meadows
to the west, and Croxton Yard was just west of Erie's Bergen Hill tunnel.
Freight cars classified for Hudson River carfloats or local customers were
shuttled between Croxton and Jersey City daily through the Erie's tunnel, the
oldest through Bergen Hill and still used today by Conrail and CSX freght

Croxton's significance to the O&W, though, occurred after O&W's 1957
abandonment when most of the FT diesels, the steam heater car (a former steam
tender) and about 10 wooden cabooses were sold. They were shipped east over the
Erie, and got as far as Croxton where this stuff sat into the 1960s. Numerous
pictures surface of this equipment there, and as a result of sitting so long
the jewelry such as builders plates, number boards, one jeweled nose number
plates, and occasional air horns are safely in various collections. Even the
coal stoves were removed. To my knowledge, all of this was taken by railroaders.

The abandoned turntable on the Ma&Pa was in Delta, a town close to the
Mason-Dixon line. It was a 60-foot cast table with several round holes (the
brand name escapes me) in the main beams. I photographed it in the 1980s, and
later in that decade it was shipped to the National Museum of Transport in St.
Louis. The turntable in York -- a 90-foot turntable -- was filled in after
the end of steam.

Hope this helps. Wish I could make Naperville this year.
....Mike Del Vecchio

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