PFE "Giant" Refrigerator Car

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I hope Tony Thompson or someone else can answer this, what is a
PFE "Giant" refrigerator car?. In going through some records of the
Yakima Valley Transportation Co. I found the following letter from
Mr. P.J. Lynch, Superintendent of Car Service, Union Pacific, from
April 5, 1939:


Referring to Mr. Newman's letter of March 31st and Mr. McCarthy's
letter of April 3rd, in connection with use of P.F.E. Giant
refrigerators versus express refrigerators.

There apparently has been a complete lack of understanding between
P.F.E. forces, the Y.V.T. Co. forces and our people at Yakima
relative handling of this class of equipment, and to remove any
misunderstanding, wish to state that except in isolated cases where
shipper demands an express refrigerator, such cars are to be used
only when P.F.E. Giant cars are not available, and if extra switching
is necessary to get the P.F.E. cars, such switching must be performed.

For the information of those receiving copy of this letter, it should
be clear that at any time a foreign express refrigerator is used, not
only does the Union Pacific have to pay mileage at the rate of 2 1/2
cents while travelling over Union Pacific line, but the mileage made
by the car on a foreign line is lost to the P.F.E. Co.

Car distributor at Walla Walla should maintain a close check on this
matter and see that we are not using these express cars unless
absolutely necessary. Others concerned receiving copy of this will be
governed accordingly.

P.J. Lynch

End Quote

On March 31st a telegram had been sent on this matter and part of the
reasoning for using these express cars instead of Giants was due to
the YVT only having two tracks in the UP yard at Yakima and it was
easier to grab an express refrigerator then waiting for a steam
engine to switch a Giant out.

So what was a Giant? Looking in the PFE book I only notice one class
of cars for this time period that were longer inside.


Richard Wilkens

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