GN express reefers, Mobilgas

John Nehrich <nehrij@...>

I'm looking at a flyer from MDC on 6 versions of the express reefer in HO
painted for GN. While I know (or think that I know) that the cars were
somewhat similar, they did have a saddle-type freight car type roof, which
probably could be kitbashed since the roof is separate.
What I'm wondering about is the paint schemes.
Two different in having the herald, one with "Railway", one without.
One would seem to be the original herald-less version with "American Railway
Express" (prior to 1929), one Western Fruit Express, car no. 101. It
appears that the freight car version in box car red, as car no. 2977, should
be on a 40 foot car. But any help would be welcome.

Also, it appears Mantua copied the Walthers decal set for Mobilgas, with two
flying horses, in bright red on a silver car. The car reporting marks is
SOVX, which aren't listed in '40 - my '24, '27, and '32 ORER's are at home.
But has anyone seen a prototype car so lettered? - John

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