Re: Shaping/bending styrene.

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Jim Betz wrote:
I'd be worried that any paper/wood product would absorb moisture from the air over time and 'deform itself' . . .
Paper and wood doesn't "deform itself" at all (though of course wood may continue to dry and shrink over years). 500-year old paper is still flat. The real point is:

. . . attempt to get the shape of the form and the shape of the resultant roof as nearly perfect as possible . . . so that you don't 'store' stresses in the roof that can be 'released' by moisture in the air or weaknesses in the walls of the model.
This is the real point, and well stated. But any composite (such as a multi-layer part) which is glued will be VERY rigid because each layer is prevented from moving or bending by the adjoining layer which cannot slide. In fact, something like Denny's three layers of paper can be much more rigid than a thicker solid piece of the same material. The same applies to "deforming itself."

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