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As info the CB&Q did have a class system for freight cars but it
was internal to the Mechanical Department and the classes were not
lettered anywhere on the cars nor was there any listing generally
available. The only comprehensive listing that I have located in the
Mechanical Department archives was the original listing from the
20's when the system was created. That drawing was not, to my
knowledge, ever updated.

Cars belonging to the C&S and FW&D at times had CB&Q classes
applied to them but only if they were identical to an equivalent CB&Q
car. They had no system of their own.

To the best of my knowledge the GN, NP, and SP&S had no such
class system.

Beyond the time frame of this list neither the BN nor the BNSF have
any such system.

The AT&SF did have a class system, lettered on the cars, and known to
the railroad in general.

It can not be determined from the SLSF drawings whether they did or
did not have any class system. I have yet to figure out their system of
organization of drawings much less anything like a class system.


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Also: what other roads used such a system of in-house classification for
PRR see Rob Schoenberg's site for this information
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