Re: Freight car classes

David Soderblom

Mr. Valoczy et al.:

I have a database for feight car classes you may find useful. I put it together several years ago in an effort to be able to correlate published or available photos with classes so I could know when I was looking at a photo that would be of use for a particular project. The DB is in Filemaker Pro, but I can write it as an Excel file as well. Those interested may contact me off-list and I will be pleased to provide it. Please do not ask for something other than the two formats just listed; there's a limit.

In this vein, I would appreciate getting specific information on car classes for roads I am missing, which includes CB&Q and Seaboard, among others. BTW, the DB is specific to January, 1953, using the NMRA reprint of the ORER as a basis. It includes NYC, PRR, SP, UP, some CB&Q, ATSF, B&O, ...

David Soderblom
Baltimore MD

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