Re: WWII box car interchange rules

Guy Wilber

Ed wrote:

Temporary interchange rules for box cars were adapted during WWII
because of shortages caused by the war.

I believe you are confusing the Interchange Rules with the Car Service
Rules. Scores of orders governing the use of freight equipment were issued during
and after the war. Most dealt with the utilization of house cars though
there were plenty issued governing the use of hoppers, gons, flats and tanks as

Interchange Rules 1 and 2 were modified during WWII to accommodate the Car
Service Orders. Due to severe car shortages it was deemed more important to
make repairs (usually done by owners) on visiting cars rather than card them
for home. The same "emergency" was reinstated on January 1, 1947 and
continued until April of 1947.

These temporary rules were extended for several years after the war.
Exactly when were the old rules restored?
Many ODT orders continued into 1948 along with those issued by the ICC and
the AAR.

Were any PS1 box cars in service when these temporary rules were in
Not just after WWII, but indeed during the Korean "Emergency" when many
orders were again issued regarding the utilization of box cars and reefers.


Guy Wilber
West Bend, WI

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