Help in identifing boxcars

jim peters


I'm seeking a little assistance in identifying a group of boxcars. 1800 were built in total, from what I can tell in the mid 1920's. Knowing the railway they were built for, most likely in groups of 300 to 500 per order and probably from 2 or 3 different builders.

Basic specs:
- 10-panel riveted sides
- 5/3 Dreadnaught style ends
- Ajax brake gear
- Radial roof (style or type?)
- With what appeared at first glance to be a standard (AAR type) straight side sills. Closer examination proved different.
- USRA frame and KC brake system
- delivered with Andrews trucks
- 3-panel door (and not the reversed style we discussed a few weeks ago). Some of the higher number cars had early Youngstown style doors.
- The ORER states 40'-7" IL, 8'-6" IW, 9'-0" IH with 3105 cu.ft and 80,000 lb capacity.
- NdeM 48301-50100 (in early 60's some were renumbered to 95000 series).

Refer to photo at . . . . . . scroll to bottom of 1st page to NdeM 48600

At first I thought I could use the CP Mini Boxcar as a starting point for a model . . . but studying the sills closer . . . I don't think the Minibox will work . . . ANY SUGGESTIONS.

Additional photos may be viewed at . . .
. . . the 2nd reference is a 4 photo group.

I would be interested in knowing the builders, dates and any history on the design that might be available. I thought the design could be Santa Fe in origin, but lack the information to follow that thought through.

I thank you for any assistance,

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, BC
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